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How To Qualify For Discounts On Your Home Insurance

If you already have homeowners insurance - or still busy comparing quotes - you should be aware of the many discounts available to you. There are several ways to qualify for better premiums, but most require that you take some action before you actually benefit. The best way to figure out if you qualify for discounts is by requesting a FREE quote. Based on the information you provide, some discounts may already be factored in. This also gives you a chance to discuss your current needs and options. Here are some of the ways by which many homeowners have claimed discounts on their homeowners insurance premiums.

Policy Renewals

When you renew your policy with the same insurance carrier, reduced rates are very common. This is especially true if you have no previous claims. During this process, you have a chance to check all your options and figure out if you qualify for discounts you were before unaware of. For example, if you started working from home or recently retired, you have less chance of being burglarized, and you may enjoy a reduced premium. By considering your renewal options you can also cut any unnecessary coverage you may have been paying for.

Combining Policies

Not only is it possible to have multiple policies with one insurance carrier... you will also qualify for reduced rates if you bundle them together! When you start to combine your policies, you will see reduced rates on each policy individually. Why not simplify your life by combining all your policies into one? You could be making one comfortable payment to cover everything at a reduced premium. You can also save if you pay your bill in full at the start of the billing cycle to you avoid the extra billing fees associated with regular payments.

Maintain Good Credit Record

Insurance companies calculate premiums based on a lot of information. Your credit record will be scrutinized by any insurance carrier. Should you have poor credit, you're likely to pay much higher. With a good credit record, you have a better chance to qualify for lower premiums, so be sure to correct any mistakes your credit record may reflect. Talk to your insurance carrier about what else might reduce your monthly premiums.

Increased Deductibles

By increasing your deductibles, you will be decreasing your premiums and slicing away a big percentage off your bills. It is one of the easiest ways to get insurance discounts. However, if you decide to increase your deductibles, be sure that you can actually afford the payment when a claim is made. Always allocate some emergency savings towards your insurance so that you can tap into it should the need ever arise.

Geographical Location

Insurance companies will consider the location of your property to calculate their premiums. Some areas are more prone to burglary and theft. Adding deadbolts on your doors with some anti-theft devices will lower your premiums. You should also install burglar alarms, motion detector lights, and bars on the windows to reduce the risk of loss. If your home is near a body of water, structural improvements such as flood vents or elevating your property should be considered

Take Extra Measures

Homeowners can reduce insurance premiums by ensuring their property can withstand the impact of natural disasters. This means adding storm shutters, reinforcing the roof with stronger materials, or even reinforcing an older home to make it more earthquake resistant. Equally, upgrading your heating and electrical systems, modernizing your plumbing, or even installing alarms to watch your home will reduce your insurance premiums.